PSP Giga-pack released in US!



If you're wondering when the giga-pack is going to arrive, well it's just been released in the us so hopefully it will find it's way accross the Atlantic soon! Click here for article


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Is it just the value pack but with a 1GB memory stick?

a good idea I guess but you could probably get a value pack and a 1g stick for less.


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Not in the UK (unless you inport a psp / buy it on ebay)
Since a value pack in the UK costs £180 and even the cheapest 1GB memory stick off ebay is around £50, and with the giga pack costing around £215 in the UK, you'd save around £15 - without including the other things that come with the gigapack.


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That is a terrible website BTW. Where did you get that from?


uhhh, u talking about the blokes site in his sig?

not bad for a youngster assuming he is under the age of 14, none of the stuff is original tho which is annoying. I think the only thing thats been done on his todd is the logo and thats...well lol never seen anything quite like it.


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Is this not the pack that comes with 2.5 firmware installed? No homebrew for the purchasers :mad:
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