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hi there.
i've just pre-ordered my 5 year old son a u.s.a version psp and i would like to order him a game to go with it to start him off
so,what i was wondering is could anyone be so kind as to recomend me a suitable game for a 5 year old boy.
he likes stuff like sonic,jak and dexter,ssx tricky etc.....
i was think of ape escape but there appears to be more than one named title???
also,out of the three racing games which one would be the best to get (this is for me)
need for speed,ridge racers or gran tourismo???
also,if you could recomend me a cheap/reliable place to purchase the games i'd be really grateful.
the place i'm getting the psp only sells the hardware at the moment...
i know it will only be peoples oinions but it's a help.
many thanks


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For you son I would recommend somthing like:
medievil (platform)
tony hawk underground 2 (extreme sports skateboarding)
Death Jr. (cartoony platform game)
spiderman 2 perhaps

and for you

need for speed looks great but only has 10 tracks on the psp (bit of a let down IMHO)
ridge racers is a pretty cool arcade racer, smooth play, 24 tracks
but I think Gran turismo would be the best choice for lifespan and realism-ish loads of cars and tracks and should be almost a direct port of the ps2 version, slick (this is the one I'm gonna go for, and I am very fussy about what I play and like a game what I'm gonna get my money's worth out of)

hope this is of some help


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