Psp Firmware?!

ok i have a psp with 1.5 firmware which ive had 4 bout a year. i avnt really bothered with it recently but im now going wireless so was basically wondering if i should upgrade my firmware. i dont play emulators just psp games so if i should upgrade what should i upgrade 2?


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The newest firmware is 2.80 i think, if u upgrade that means u carnt play homebrew

ok i still wanna play homebrew but if i buy a game would i then ave 2 upgrade 2 play it if it is a new game or is there a program 2 do this?


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If you are still on 1.5 then dont update the firmware. All you need to do is get hold of Dev Hook. This will run on the 1.5 but allow you to boot into any other firmware you like up to 2.71. From 2.71 you have browser, and all the other extras. Once you are done you do a hard reboot and it boots back to 1.5 again.


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.46 works stunningly well too!

I'm also using:

  • The Casual firmware mod (v3) which gets rid of that annoying autoboot to UMD - w00t! - amongst a number of other features :clap:
  • KK-Warez graphical frontend for devhook (comes with 0.44 not 0.46 though)
  • WiFi Sniffer v0.2

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