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Sep 30, 2005
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Hi Guys, New on the site and fairly new to this PSP stuff. Anyway, hope everyone's good.

I've managed to get my psp downgraded and now am running on 1.50. I installed a copy of Fastloader 0.7 on the PSP. Everything looks good, apart from the folder Fastloader% that they ask you to use, appears as corrupted data on the PSP itself.

I have tried running three games off it now that I downloaded. However, only one of them works. Anyone know why?

Would appreciate your help.


All homebrew apps need the % files to work. You don't actually use them yourself. All the apps will have two files - one with the name of the app and one with the name of the app with the % on the end.
Put all your ROMs into the folders without the % and they should work. Ignore the % one but don't delete it.
If you have a lot of apps to put on your PSP you can transfer all of the % folders first and the the ones without and you'll end up with a list of apps with all the % (or "corrupted") files at the end so you don't see them.
I copy the games to an ISO folder as it suggested in the installation selections. However, only one game has actually worked so far.

I still have the fastloader% file, but it shows as a corrupted file underneath the fastloader launcher on the psp. Is this correct?

Sorry if I'm being a bit thick, as I said though I'm fairly new to this. The majority of the games though just don't work. Have got 2 that do so far. MVP Baseball and Spiderman.

I would of thought that as some work I must have done it all right, but why don't these others. Is it the download file itself?

Cheers for the reply btw.
i think there is a v0.8 out now, has worked for all games i've tried (about 5).

there are progs to make the corrupted file icon dissappear i think but that doesn't really bother me.
Cheers dude. If you have a link for me that would be great.

Doesn't really bother me either. Just needed to know that t was needed and wouldn't effect the psp in anyway.

Thanks a lot though mate. i think contains lots of useful utilities and homebrew apps.

what ever you do, do not delete corrupted files, i deleted the one that was the snes emu roms by accident and lost a good 8 hour save into super metroid
Just to re-iterate what tomgoodfella said, the new version 0.8c will work for most games. Load the isos into you ISO folder and start up UMD emulator.

In UMD Emulator, for the ISO emulation Mode, select System Menu for most ISOs. When you press X to start emulation, the PSP will return to its Menu screens again where you goto Game > UMD. Here you will see that the emulation should have made the PSP think your rom is in the UMD drive, play away :D

For the few games that don't work using System Menu emulation, you can dry Direct Load.
Don't want to sound stupid but do you need a umd in the drive for this to work? I have wipeout and ridge racer working without any umds.
i'm running UMD emulator 8c. it said in the release notes that by pressing triangle you can get back to the unemulated menu - does this work for anyone? it doesn't for me.

also, i was running tetris (Hackah) with fastloader 7 fine, but when i also have emulator 8c no joy. anyone else had this?
anticlaus105 said:
Don't want to sound stupid but do you need a umd in the drive for this to work? I have wipeout and ridge racer working without any umds.

Depends. Untold Legends won't work for me without a UMD Disc, neither will Coded Arms. I have another program called Dev Hack (or something like that) which runs games without the UMD but not every game.
More help required please; i've got the 0.8c UMDEmulator but i cant see the option to actually backup your UMD disk to the mem card? do i need another app to do this?
There isnt one, you can only load games with it, not rip them to your hard drive/memory stick etc.

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