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have just got a PSP for my son and it finds our wireless hub ok but having probs with it getting the IP adress any help. Please. Thanks.:)


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IF i explain what I have will that help?, I have the wireless bt home hub, I have my xbox 360 and pc pluged in with wires , when i switch the PSP to wireless the PSP finds the BT hub OK, then as I say the IP bit times out before it finds it.:)


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cjaya30 said:
PLease dont confuse me mate.:)not sure what it is.
Sorry, didn't mean to confuse you, the DHCP server is what gives out the IP address. I mentioned it just in case it rung a bell i.e to sort out some other problem you had disabled DHCP and manually assigned IP addresses.

Afraid I'm not familiar with the BT Hub, maybe someone else will happen along who has one.




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What encryption level are you using on the router and what firmware are you running on the PSP? I had a problem with my PSP as it wouldn't connect to anything until I upgraded the firware from 2.01 to 2.71.


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It sounds most likey to be a dhcp problem if it connects OK.

Look in your router documentation for the DHCP server section and check it is turned on.


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All sorted now. It was the WEP key from my hub i was missing. Thanks for the help.:thumbsup:

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