PSP and Dead Pixels?

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Its more a problem with LCD screens.

I'd say order one from VG+ as they will check for dead pixels, but you'll have to wait till they get more as they have closed PSP orders down, you can get a Jap one from there with Ridge Racers mind for £215


this is gonna be a problem i think. the supply seems woefully inadequate and sony have just officially announced that they are delaying the South Korean launch to concentrate on the US market.

PSPs are gonna be in short supply worldwide for quite a while, despite what everyone is saying

if you want no dead pixels pre-order from a us retailer with a warranty scheme you trust (im not sure how many pixels need to be dead for a replacement, but its gonna be more than one). Or order from an online importer with a guarentee. Either way get your skates on...

Check out my buyers guide for places

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I think your right. I dont think even Sony realised how big PSP was going to be. They have gone from knowwhere to having the most popular handheld by far overnight. In Japan its already outselling the DS on week for week sales. Thats scary really given Nintendos pedegree when it comes to handhelds.

From what I understand they are commiting all available capacity for the US pretty much and hope to have around 3 million units ready for the North American Launch. I cant see it being enough though. I honestly dont think we can expect the UK launch before September at the earliest. Thats pre christmas rush really, I think this is going to be the toy this year. Even when its released over here I think its going to be a big struggle to actually get one before Christmas.


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There isn't any competition with the Sony PSP, that is why it everyone is going mad for it! An ipod, dvd player, 128 bit gaming machine, wireless adaptability, all it needs is the kitchen sink.

I can't wait for mine! :clap:

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