PSOne games you'd like to see on PSN for DL


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Jan 26, 2005
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Naturally there are the big hitters like FF series and Gran Turismo... but what are the games you'd like to see Sony officially release for our big and little shiny black boxes?

Oh, I'd also like to see them have the analogue stick used as the left analogue and not just a dpad too!
vib-ribbon - playing to the music on your memory stick

i'd also like to see wireless multiplayer added to the games. bit disappointed when the 2 player part of wipeout didnt work :(
Hogs Of War.

Simply because I've lost my copy (probably thrown away lol) and would like to play it again, but I can't find a copy anywhere.
I second the call for Rollcage.

I'd also like
  • Sled Storm,
  • Kurushi,
  • Driver1&2,
  • Micro Machines V3,
  • Worms (not any of the fancy 3D ones, the old 2D crappy looking one, it is the best),
  • Silent Hill (I'd play that more on the PS3 but I'd like a copy on the PSN all the same as the disk still sells for £10, £3.50 on the PSN is a bargain IMO),
  • Dino Crisis (same as SH),
  • The Abe series
  • Thrill Kill (loved it, surely it wouldn't get banned now)

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