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If anybody could share any knowledge it would be much appreciated -

I am English, but currently living in the Czech Republic for work. I purchased a 2nd hand PS3 off a fellow expat living over here, and have had it working for many months happily.

However, although I cannot find my localization detailed in the system settings, it appears to be registered (unsurprisingly) for use in the Czech Republic - The PSN Store is in Czech currently, etc.

I however want to get 4OD, Iplayer, etc. on the system.

Despite my console being registered to the Czech Republic, if I connect the system through a UK VPN, will I then be able to access the UK content? Or will I need to re-register somehow?

Re-registering is not something I am overly enthusiastic about doing - This account has PSN+ on it, and it is also better for me to have the store in Czech currency as it is what I am currently getting paid in.

Any advice would be much appreciated, thanks.

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