psn change password problems


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i have 3 accounts on my slim.
mine now works fine i changed the password via the ps3.
the other 2 accounts said an email will be sent.
i got the emails about 20mins or so later.
i click the link then your on a sony page asking you to fill in the 5,6 or 7 numbers or letters.
there is no mention of lower and upper case.
when i fill the box i just get another set of letters as if im getting it wrong.
i have done this for both accounts with the same thing happening.
i tried doing lower and upper case which is not always easy ie: Xx Zz 0oO and so on with no joy.
these emails only last 3 hours then expire, i had another sent for one account but now im getting a SITE UNDER MAINTENANCE SITE.
when i get to try again does anyone have any idea what im doing wrong.


You're probably getting the CAPTCHA characters wrong. I hate those things sometimes, because it's not always clear what the character is or whether it's meant to be upper or lower case. They're usually case sensitive.

It could also be related to PSN going up and down. According to the indicator on the top right of the UK Playstation site it's down right now: -

Official PlayStation website


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normally i would agree with the CAPTCHA problem.
the thing is ive had at least 100 goes now, i just went back and the site was back up but i still cant get it to accept it even when it is obvious upper or lower.

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