Question PSN - Can I set my child's account to Friends only Chat?


My son is just 8 and I've set him up my 'old' PS4 which had been collecting dust since i bought myself the quiet slim a few months ago. Its great to have him join me in the hobby and for some games I do want to use voice chat with him, e.g. Fortnite (dont judge me :) but I dont want him to be hearing what could be toxic behaviour from other peeps on PSN.

Yes the answer could be 'be a better parent and be there' but my life involves a lot of travel and other than turn off voice chat completely I dont see a way to restrict chat to just myself and his friends.

Is there a way / alternative. e.g. can I turn off voice chat generally but still have it on for a private party I set up at the dash?

I understand this feature (friends only chat) is available on XBL and tbh I may have to sell the PS4 and go that way as I see it as priceless in parental controls.


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Think it’s all or nothing tbh. You can restrict sub accounts to block chat but not anything else.

You can also disable game chat in PS menu and have party chat only, but then you can’t account for anyone that friends may then invite, albeit risk is much less.


Thanks for that. I didn't know I could disable game chat and still have party chat - thats a step in the right direction but tbh I think its one of those few things XBL has over PSN. I wipped out the olld XBO and boy that 'dashboard' is a dogs dinner compared to PS4 - but at least it has the controls.

Thanks again.

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