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I’m after some advice, I bought a PS5 on release and gave my PS4 pro to my son who lives with his mum. The pro is set to primary with my account on both consoles and my son has had access as another user on the pro to any content I buy ie Destiny seasons. When he comes to mine and logs onto the 5 and wants to play destiny he doesn’t have access to all of the purchased content ? I have now managed to get him a ps5 which I’ve set up with my account and him as another user and we have the same issue ! I can play destiny fine but he can’t without buying the add ons I’ve already purchased 🤷🏻‍♂️
I wont to sell the pro but don’t know if I can if he’s going to loose all the access he’s currently got !
Hope that all makes sense and any advise would be good before I have to try contacting Sony for help.
ps both PS5’s have game sharing selected.


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Some titles don't allow you to share everything, DLC for example, across all the accounts on the machine. Destiny might be one of them.


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When you say both ps5s have game sharing selected, I assume you mean your account on his ps5 and his account on your ps5? If not, as far as I’m aware, you can only have 1 ps5 set with console sharing per account, so if you’ve switched it on a second time on the same account, it might have deactivated on the other ps5.

I did also read a post about someone having to go back into the store and “add to library” D2 dlc they’d previously purchased before it worked on game sharing on ps5. I haven’t kept up with D2 but from that post it sounded like there’s now a ps5 version of the game which is why that was necessary. But I’m not sure if that was before or after it went free to play, which might also be having an impact. Worth a look though.

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Got it sorted now after a bit of messing about but all works fine.

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