[PSA] Draper surface name does not depict gain

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    Draper ClearSound White Weave XT900E is touted to have a gain of 0.9 but it's chart shows 0.75. Despite the text and everywhere (other than that chart), the gain is definitely not 0.9 as it is also confirmed via a conversation between me and Draper staff, citing this as miscommunication within Draper marketing team. This is clearly false information.


    Here's what Draper said regarding their surface names:

    Each surface has a name that includes the characteristics it has. The following shows an example with definitions and examples of each area listed below.
    Unfortunately, I only found out this after making a huge sum of payment to my local distributor (too bad they don't sell other brands of AT screen). Draper (US) says they will come out with a solution but I doubt there's anything they can do as woven screen isn't really their forte. They are more popular with nanoperf and tecvision series, which I am not interested in (I already have their excellent ReAct ALR screen. No complain about the ReAct). As a consumer, I felt being cheated. I am hoping for a full refund. Local distributor says screen is already shipped from Spiceland, Indiana. Refund is on hold until Draper (US) sorts out the logistic/return shipping. Sigh.

    Update Aug 22nd, 2018:
    Draper regional manager says he is willing to offer me extended discount through my local distributor. However, he does not tell me the percentage of discount. Is this a common business practice now? You can't get a refund even though an order has being made but you have not received the item yet?

    UPDATE Aug 23rd, 2018:
    Local distributor offered me a slight discount of 25% and include doorstep delivery. Funny how it coincide with the 0.75 gain. As we all know this low gain will not be suitable for 4K HDR, the discounted price is still a bit hard for me to swallow. I'm not sad with the local distributor as they are just the middlemen. My biggest regret is with Draper. The main purpose of me stepping up to the more expensive AT solution is to install and forget, probably for the next decade. But with this 0.75 screen, it will not be the case. The screen will need to be replaced again when HDR is the norm, adding up the pile of useless items in my storeroom. I am still negotiating with the Draper regional manager for a lower price due to this reason - the usefulness of this screen in a world of HDR. He did say I can send back the screen and get a full refund if I find the screen unsatisfactory. However, he didn't mention who shall bear the cost of return shipping. Sigh.

    UPDATE Sep 3rd, 2018:
    Received the screen. The XT900E is a rebrand of the old AT1200 screen. Sigh. Haven't got time to fully install the screen as I'm still busy with the room itself and the holiday season. Really doubt the 4K ready marketing.
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