PSA alternatives - Focal, SVS or Dali again

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Last time I posted on AV I decided against getting new speakers so an upgrade is long overdue.

Currently (still) running two Dali Zensor 7s paired with PB2000, hooked to a Denon X3400H receiver.

I'd like the new set of fronts to be significantly louder and after fair bit a research I came across the PSA MTM-210T, which ticked all boxes until I realised I couldn't get it in the UK

Anyway, I have now realised how limited my options actually are and have a few alternatives shortlisted:

Focal 948
GE Triton 5
SVS Ultra - quietest?

Open to other suggestions of course, I'd prefer 8ohms speakers however



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Few options members at AVF has considered with PSAs. Ricky at Kalibrated should ship PSA speakers to UK too, unless it´s changed to subwoofers only. Some has 4ohm nominal impedance, but i wouldn´t worry about that too much. Even the slim line NR1510 Marantz drived the MK S300 reference system (17 000£) to silly loud levels without issues, ok they are very efficient but have nominal impedance of 4ohm. Your receiver has been tested and it doesn´t have issues running 4ohm loads and you can always consider power amp later on if you feel it ain´t enough.

XTZ Cinema range M6 or M8:

Arendal Sound 1723 (for larger room)

Arendal Sound 1723 S

JBL Cinema speakers

Klipsch THX Cinema range LCR

Procella Cinema speakers

B&W Custom Theatre 700 serie LCR

M&K S150


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I LOVE GoldenEar, so much so we have it as our 5.2.2 Demo (living) room using thier active Triton 2's and it wows everyone who hears it. IMO the Tritons are a very subtle design. If you are local you are welcome to come for a listen.

Klipsch have a sound that is rather unique to them, seems to be a love / hate split when heard. They tend to be quite bright when compaired to thier English counterparts. Look stunning with thier grills off (subject to WAF)

KLH is the brand you've never heard of, but similar history to Klipsch and now owned by a former Klipsch Exec and getting great reviews for their ranges. Very traditional looks

SVS non-sub range seem get a bit left out here, sound great, but a lot of people pair Klipsch Speakers with SVS Subs for a good balance.

Other options include Definitive Tech (GoldenEar type tech, before GoldenEar) and Paradigm.

Happy to help out if we can.
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Thanks for both responses

I have been reading more into GoldenEar's range and I can see you stock a variety of GE products @AmericanAudio

As my budget remains undefined, it appears I am going down a rabbit hole and have added the Triton One.R to the shortlist on the assumption that it can replace the PB2000 and I won't need to upgrade my receiver.

FYI my usage is 80 music/ 20 movies, the improved 2.0 set up might be ideal for my needs


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Being active but accepting a speaker level input and with the subs and passive radiators in the bottom i think they sound amazing. Phenomenal bang for buck.

I did a complete media room with T3's and a separate 2Ch system for the open plan space with T1's for a client a few years ago, and we all heard detail not heard before. Using a Sonos source, Chord DAC and Naim amp. So I would fully expect the 1r's to sing and you not to need a separate sub.

They take a little time to tinker with there positioning in a room and you usually end up with quite a harsh toe in to hit your sweet spot.

Also dont forget that although your amp is only stereo, youll be getting 2.2 due to the clever active and crossover.

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