PS5 / TV connection issue, need help


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I have started having an issue with my PS5 and TV, this only started happening recently and I dlnt know why.

So what happens is sometimes (not always) when I boot the PS5 up I can notice foreign particles on the TV display, like random pixels flickering. After a short time this then causes the screens picture to cut out for a brief second before returning. When it starts to do this, it will continue to happen every few seconds rendering it unplayable.

I have a launch digital PS5 and a Sony Bravia TV KD43XE8004. Display settings set to 4K, HDR and 120hz.

It first started doing this when I was playing Mass Effect, but does it more frequently when playing FFXIV (PS5 version). I noticed when it does it on FFXIV, if I can get back to the PS5 home screen it stops doing it, but only for a brief period. I can also go back to the game, and again for a brief period it won't do it.

I purchased a new HDMI cable, problem still persisted. I tried changing the 4K transfer rate to -1 but it still happens. I have now switched HDMI port and changed the transfer rate to 60hz from 120hz, yet to see if this fixes the issue.

It all just seems very strange, I don't feel like its a hardware issue, especially after changing the HDMI cable for a new one. I feel its a compatibility issue between the two devices, or maybe my TV ismt capable of doing 4K HDR 120hz. Would that cause these symptoms? It seems strange certain games amplify the issue.


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As Shoestring says the TV doesn't support 120Hz so turn that off or Auto in the PS5 settings, having it on when it's not supported can damage the TV.

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