PS5 - TV causing crashes but solved now


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Hi. New member here. A big thank you to all the contributors here. You have finally put my mind at rest that there isn’t something seriously wrong with my PS5.

I’ve had a PS5 for almost a year and for most of that time it has crashed regularly and assumed that it was an early adopter problem. I’ve read the articles on what to turn off and have done everything suggested and still it would crash (the screen going a pixelated green colour, which to me suggested that the video buffer was getting corrupted). There was a release about 6 months ago that mostly fixed the problem but then it updated and the crashing resumed, which had me thinking that it was a system software problem.

A few days ago it got really bad (even safe mode started having problems) and I was on the verge of doing a complete reset before contacting the support desk. Then I read a post here that suggested that the HDMI lead could be a problem. I didn’t want to take the new (4K Samsung) TV off the wall so wired it up to a 10 year old TV. For three days it didn’t crash at all.

I put a new HDMI lead on my new TV and set the resolution to 1080p with the 120Hz option turned off and put the PS5 back on my new TV and much to my surprise it seems to be working fine now. Over the next few weeks I will turn the resolution up and hopefully it will prove that it was the old HDMI lead causing the problem (I bought the PS5 for my grandson when he is here and rarely play it myself hence the delay). The idea that the HDMI lead (that seemed to work) could be the problem never occurred to me, and I have been an electronics engineer for most of my working life (before I retired) mostly designing high speed embedded systems so have admittedly limited knowledge of consumer electronics.

This site is the only one I have found that proposed that the HDMI lead could be a problem so have put this here now in case it can help anyone else.


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As my grandson and I have been playing it for a few days, it’s now (almost, as I don’t want to reconnect the original to prove it) conclusive that it was the HDMI lead that was causing the crashing. Something that seems odd is that I can set the resolution to 1080p and disable the 120Hz option in settings, but after a restart it defaults back to the original settings (I was trying to emulate my old TV settings). To me, if I set something, then it should stay that way until I choose to switch it back to automatic. But that’s a minor gripe from a now happy PS5 owner. Again my thanks to those here who highlighted that the HDMI lead could be a problem.


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Glad to see you got it sorted ,
just asking was it the HDMI cable that came with the console or a different one that was causing the issue ?


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I can’t be sure. Initially I had it connected via a HDMI switch but had problems with that (the channel changing for no obvious reason) so connected it directly to a spare input on the TV. I may well have swapped the leads at some point as I wasn’t aware that there are different versions of HDMI lead.

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