PS5 shuts off when inserting disc

Sneaky Chopsticks

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Hey there, I've been searching on the internet but I haven't heard or seen this issue ever being mentioned. My PS5 has recently started developing an issue where any time a disc is inserted into the PS5, it will immediately shut off and not come back on unless I unplug the power cord and wait for 30 seconds. I reseated the ribbon cable and the connector for the optical drive and when I put everything back together, it worked the first time and the disc spun up and worked fine. However after a few power cycles, the issue came back. If a disc is in the optical drive, the device won't power on either.

Any ideas on what the issue could be? I was thinking either a faulty power supply or (worst case scenario) a failing optical drive. Any help would be greatly appreciated, everything else functions except for the drive which is a bummer!

Doctor Hades

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Whatever the issue is, your PS5 is clearly not working properly so I think you will need to ring Sony Support and arrange a repair, unfortunately. Even if the optical drive was faulty, the console should still not be shutting down or refusing to start when a disc is in the drive. The PS5 will shutdown if it is overheating but if the drive was faulty then you'd see an Unknown Disc error or similar, if my experience with my old PS4 Pro are anything to go by.

Is it just game discs? Do Blu-ray/4K movie discs and music CDs play? If so then you can be more specific about what the issue is when contacting Sony.

Hope you get your PS5 sorted soon.

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