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hi i have bought ps5 from currys two weeks ago arrived yesterday dont know if i will keep it for i have not gamed in twenty years anyway i have a sony tv xh9505 and a marantz 1710 my question is should i connect ps5 to the tv or the marantz which would be better or would it make no difference.thanks
At present I am using a Marantz NR1510 and going into the Amp and then the TV, but my TV is not got 120Hz refresh rate so that fact the Amp cannot pass that is irrelevent - if your Amp cannot pass something your TV can do then as Rsian says connec to the TV and then use eARC HDMI back - I find it a faff personally as my TV is wall mounted as I only have a single HMDI gonig to it at present from the Amp so thats another reason I do it this way.


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If you're as disinterested in having a PS5 as the first post suggests, why not sell it to one of the huge number of people desperate to have one instead? (At RRP.)

As for your question it is always best to connect directly to the TV, to minimise input lag as well as for HDMI 2.1 capability if relevant.

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