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Hi folks

Looking for some ideas.
I recently installed an avr with surround sound for my ps5/tv.
Problem I’m having is my tv stand. It’s basically 2 sheets of glass, upper and lower, with 2 posts between them. The avr and centre speaker sits in the middle of the bottom glass and tv pretty much covers the top glass.
This leaves no room for Ps5. The ps5 is too tall to sit standing between the glass and there’s no space for it to sit flat next to avr as the posts that hold the top glass is in the way. Previously the ps5 sat flat on the bottom glass but that’s where the avr and centre speaker is now.
For the time being the ps5 sits behind the tv.
Anyhow, any ideas where to put it? Is there a vesa type mount so I can mount it to back of tv?


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I'm pretty sure there is no easy way to mount to back of tv, and not sure what benefit they would give vs standing behind it.

Think the easiest solution would be to buy bigger av unit which can hold everything. Or mount the tv on the wall and have ps5 on the top of your current unit horizontally.

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