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Hiya folks. First time poster on here but after some advice please. So i have the PS5, Hisense U8B and the Sharp HTSBW800, Ive just bought a 4k firestick for the Dolby Vision stuff and Atmos as the only Atmos stuff i can get on the PS5 is the UHD Blu Rays. So the Firestick and Sky Q are plugged direct into the soundbar and the PS5 in the TV, now im having a mega annoying issue whereby if the PS5 is set to output Dolby or DTS then the audio delay is terrible via HDMI Arc (and i cant reduce the sync anything below the zero its set it),unless i set it to PCM Audio on the PS5, if i then set the ARC output to DD or DD+ then it syncs perfectly but sounds "iffy". Does anyone have any ideas on this? I can output Atmos via the TVs ARC Output to the soundbar but have no joy using any compressed audio via the ARC and PS5?


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HI mate. You are suffering from the basically the same issue that I posted about in my thread yesterday, link here => Recommend a HDMI 2.0b toslink audio extractor please

To solve your issue you will need to buy the same adapter as what I am buying, I have the first one on my list of 3 being delivered today, so that you can connect the ps5's audio directly to the soundbar.

Hopefully you have a digital optical input on your soundbar that you can connect to and manually switch the soundbar's input to?

Good luck.

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