PS5 Audio and Video dropping out on Samsung Q950T sound bar


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  • PS5
  • Apple TV
  • Samsung Q950T sound bar
  • Samsung Q60A 65" QLED 4K Smart TV

Apple TV > Soundbar HDMI1 in
PS5 > Soundbar HDMI2 in
Soundbar HDMI/ARC out > TV HDMI/ARC in

The audio and video from my PS5 has been dropping out intermittently for close to a year now.
I am at my wit’s end and desperate for help.

Firstly, lemme start by saying I’m pretty tech-savvy. I’m the guy all my friends come to for help with home AV problems and to install their new systems. However there are gaps in my knowledge, particularly when it comes to frame rates and the nitty gritty of newer technology.

My gut feeling is that it’s a problem with settings on either my TV, sound bar or PS5. I’ve fiddled with the AV settings on all devices but no luck.

  • The audio and video from my PS5 drops out intermittently.
  • Sometimes just once, sometimes 10 times a minute.
  • Sometimes for a second. Sometimes for 15 seconds.
  • Sometimes it happens constantly for days.
  • Then it won’t happen for 6 months.
  • Sometimes the sound comes through the sound bar but no video on the TV.

It used to happen regardless of input (Apple TV or PS5) but now it’s only happening on my PS5.
It also used to happen if I bypassed the sound bar and plugged the PS5 directly into the TV but now it seems to be fine if I plug it directly into the TV.

Here’s steps I’ve already taken:
  • Have replaced all HDMI cables
  • Have power cycled all hardware
  • TV: Have replaced TV (with my current Samsung TV, previously was an older Sony).
  • Sound bar: Reset by holding + and - on unit for 15 secs
  • Sound bar: Have installed latest sound bar firmware
  • Sound bar: SAMSUNG SERVICED THE NEW SOUND BAR (no problem found, problem persisted)
  • PS5: Factory reset
  • PS5: Latest firmware via USB
  • Have fiddled with every audio and video setting on all devices

I’ve noticed that even when the PS5 is connected through the sound bar and out to the TV, the TV sometimes recognises it as a PS5 and an image from the PS5 will very briefly flash up on the screen.

But then the TV will display either:
  • Display the spinning circle like it’s looking for an input
  • Just a blue screen with no text, no sound
  • Just a blue screen with no text, sound occasionally
  • Just a black screen with no text, sound occasionally
  • Blue screen saying “We are adjusting the picture quality so that you fan experience a better UHD screen. You can change the settings in Settings > General > External Device Manager > Input Signal Plus” (FYI, changing this setting does nothing).
  • Blue screen saying “Check Device Power” (The “Connection Guide” and “Source” buttons here don’t help)
  • Blue screen saying “HDMI Cable: No Signal” (The “Troubleshoot” and “Source” buttons here don’t help)
  • Switch the sound bar into to the Apple TV

I’m also talking to Sony about a potential problem with the PS5 unit but because it seems to work when plugged directly into the TV, I’m not convinced it’s the PS5.

PLEASE can someone help me! I am desparate.

Cheers. Dan.


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I've been having the same issue for over a year now, but with a bit of a different setup, and my problem is with audio only. Video is fine. Otherwise symptoms are exactly as you described.

PS5 > Samsung TV One Connect HDMI in
One Connect box > Denon receiver via optical audio out

Only my PS5 has this issue. When it starts, I can intervene by unplugging the HDMI at the One Connect box and it's good again for a while - a day, a week, a month, who knows. Any luck with a solution?

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