Question PS5 as a UHD player...good enough to replace a standalone UHD player?


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Having got myself a PS5 (but not going to be able to use it until Christmas), I was wondering if anyone can advise me on whether it will be a good UHD player?

I currently have a Sony UBP-X800 UHD player, and wondered if the PS5 might be at least as good a replacement for it (video quality quality is not as important, but video is)...

It would just be nice to have just the 1 device to use for everything...



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Wondering this too


The main let down of consuls was the noise they produced which, for some, marred the enjoyment of watching a film. Video wise it should be the same as a standalone player unless you go for a high end model.

The main objection to the PS5 would be it's lack of Dolby Vision. Big mistake.


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Thanks...I’ll keep both then, I think, and just experiment and see what they look like.

Is DV something that the PS5 can upgrade to with a future firmware update, or does it not even have the hardware required for DV?


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It can do atmos, of course it can. The PS3 does Atmos.

I think the real question is if it does HDR well.

Wasn't HDR 10+ a Samsung proprietary cash grab?

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If the PS5 can bitstream the DTS and Dolby HD audio formats to an external decoder then Dolby Atmos and DTS:X will be achievable. Dolby Vision and / or HDR10+ support however are unlikely so I personally don't see it as a viable replacement for a dedicated UHD disc spinner.


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If you have a projector you can't do DV or HDR 10+ anyway though. So still useful. Having said that you can't get a PS5 now!


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PS5 is same as PS4 Blu-ray player other than addition of 4k BD.

It has a much higher level of power consumption than a regular BD player.

But it is the console's high energy consumption that is the deciding factor in making us consider PS5 an inferior media player. PS5 consumes no less than 70-80W for 4K streaming and 76W for UHD Blu-ray. For comparison, Apple TV 4K consumes approximately 6W and Nvidia Shield 6-9W at same quality or better quality video streaming.
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