PS5 1080p 120Hz on 4K TV/Monitor or 4K 60Hz on 1440p Monitor!


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  • 1440p Monitor
    4K on 1440p
    1080p 120Hz
  • 4K TV
    1080p 120Hz
So I've been testing out the 4K EDID Emulator on Samsung Space Monitor 27" and Sony 4K XF87.

Sony 4K XF87
TV supports 1080p 120Hz, 1440p 60Hz but these modes require to be manually forced aka custom resolution which the PS5 doesn't support. Some newer 4K TVs automatically detects 1080p 120Hz on PS5. Xbox One, One X, Series X|S has a way to manually trigger 1080p 120Hz, 1440p 120Hz. Using EDID Emulator I can get 1080p 120Hz on games such as Rogue Company, COD, Destiny 2.

Samsung Space Monitor 27"
Without EDID Emulator it doesn't display 4K on 1440p. Doesn't work in 1080p 120Hz.
Using the EDID Emulator I can get 4K on 1440p and it looks perfect and 1080p 120Hz for those competitive games.

Check out my video below!

Link to the product is in description.
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