PS4 won’t connect automatically to Internet


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Hi everyone, hope you’re all doing ok

Since last Monday my PS4 stopped connecting automatically to internet every time I switch it on or re-start the PS4. It also happens when I put my PS4 on rest mode and want to use it after a while.

Before that date the PS4 was connecting to the network successfully without having to do anything really. Now - since Monday- I have to go to settings, set up internet connection and test the connection so the console can have access to network.

I’ve tried to reintroduce the password for the Wi-Fi, updated the PS4 to the latest version but nothing has solved the problem.

I assume there’s no issue with the internet connection or Wi-Fi since everyone in my household is using Wi-Fi on their phones and laptops successfully. I mostly use the PS4 at nighttime so I don’t think is a problem of the network being overused either.

Any advice on how to fix this issue? It isn’t causing much trouble but it’s something certainly disruptive

Thanks a lot

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