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Hi All,

I have 400 Mbps download and 20 Mbps upload internet speed from the modem. Speedtest put it at 458/23.5.

Whenever I setup the network connection (wired LAN) on my PS4 Slim, I am limited to 180 down and ~4.5-6 up. The down is great but what I need is the upload since I am trying to stream some RL gameplay.

I have looked at MTU settings on the PS4 and router showing 1500. I have also tried different DNS settings without luck. MY router is TP-Link AC5400.

Anyone got any other suggestions on how to increase the upload to 10+ ideally? Does the PS4 Slim limit it? Would a pro? Thanks!
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Lee Moles

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Be interested to know how you got on.

I’ve got 900mb FTTH and picking up a Slim today. Even though I’m using Ethernet I just can’t see it allowing me to use those kind of speeds.

EDIT: As expected, im getting 210 down and 43 upload. Upload is fine and despite the firmare and patches updating really fast, i was hoping for faster on ethernet.
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Miss Mandy

I've always found my PlayStation to have slower upload and download speeds compared to other devices on my network, but I've never looked into why. the speeds are still more than good enough for my use.
It is also worth remembering that since the end of March Sony have been restricting/managing speeds which may have an impact.


Lee Moles

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Ah I didn’t realise they were throttling atm too.

I’m going to use my PS Now trial tonight so that will be the test
PSN has always capped speeds i always get about 160 mb download and 6mb upload despite me getting 20mb upload on everything else

ps4 is even worse 30mb download 3mb upload

my connection is 200mb down 20mb up

Lee Moles

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I found out I was the reason why my connection was slow. Didn’t realise homeplugs maxes out at 150mb.

Hard wired directly and PS5 is giving me 600mb down. Still short of the 990 I am on but I’m happy over the previous 150mb I was getting.

Now I’ve got to embed an Ethernet into the wall to have it constantly connected

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