PS4 Settings for HyperX Cloud Alpha S COD MW


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Hi all.
I have the PS4 Golds but decided to try out the Hyper X Cloud Alpha S as lots of reviews say how great they are for directional sound, footsteps etc.
Having tried them with and without the 7.1 feature, I'm thinking they're not that great tbh - Is my set up wrong?
What's the best settings for COD MW on PS4 - Any advice or opinions?
Many thanks


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So I've tried the Alphas and compared them to my PS$ Golds and my Bose Q35's.
With the same sound settings - Home theatre and Boost Low - The Boses (wired) sound great, the Golds a close second in that the footsteps are a tad less clear and the Alphas i'm afraid come last - I'm really not pleased with them. I tried all sorts of settings without much improvement so really disappointed. I got my audio settings researching on you tube etc and it helped greatly - I also changed some of my weapons setups and I won my first solo game today ;)... I might give A50's a bash now...

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