PS4 remote play assistance needed (yes another)

Discussion in 'Playstation - PS4 & Vita' started by Mister Neal, Feb 25, 2014.

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    Ok, I know that there are lots of people with this issue.

    I think I have got part of the way with the solution but now at a loss on what to do next.

    I have BT infinity (bear with me!), ps4 and an original Vita. Remote play works fine on the same network. Direct connection to PS4 is unticked. I cannot get the internet remote play to work. The closest I got once is checking connection environment, usually I just get a timeout!

    I have seen many threads and posts saying that there was an issue with remote play and the BT home hub. I have changed routers and now am using a Belkin dual band N750 router, not the HH. I do not have a router modem (it was free!) so still using the white BT modem.

    The net connection works fine - everything including the ps4 connects to the net and PSN no problem.

    I still can't connect remotely though. I get as far as searching the internet and a time out.

    PS4 is in DMZ. Upnp is enabled. I have tried firewall off.

    I have seen that some people say UPNP doesn't work for them and static assigned Ip address for the the PS4 and port forwarding.

    Assuming that would even work, while I kind of know what all that means in theory, I can't actually figure out how to do it and can't find an idiots guide.

    I have a static IP and a private IP under the DMZ section. On the port forwarding section (virtual servers?) it is asking me for a private port number as well as an inbound port which you then pick TCP / UDP or TCP & UDP

    so, can anyone talk me through it and / or come up with an alternative thing to try?

    thanks in advance
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    Have you bought a static IP, or are you assigning one on your home network?
    What are the exact error messages?

    I got Remote Play working on a HH3 with BT Infinity, so i'm not inclined to believe people saying it cant work, but more likely a new router has different defaults, which are compatible.

    So if you've done everything correctly as posted, then things to try:

    - opening PS Vita ports.
    You say the PS4 is in the DMZ, but the Vita may still need access settings. You wont need to open (in theory) any ports for the PS4 if it's in a DMZ.

    My ports (non-DMZ) are here: PS Vita Remote Play woes (over internet) | Page 2 | AVForums
    RottenFox posted these more specific ones: PS Vita Remote Play woes (over internet) | Page 3 | AVForums

    - Do NOT have a USB headset plugged into your PS4 when using (infrastructure) Remote Play:
    see here for details: Some basic questions from a new owner | AVForums

    - adjust the channels on your router.
    If the timeouts are related to poor S/N, then tweak your channel settings. This is one of the problems i personally suffered.
    This is an older BT page, but it has a video which may help: How do I change the wireless channel on my BT Home Hub 1.0 or 1.5? | Help | Help

    I use my HH3 in bridging mode, and adjusted the channels in the Apple TimeCapsule via a Mac: How to Find the Best Wi-Fi Channel with Wireless Diagnostics in Mac OS X

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