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PS4 recall

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Sony have announced a product recall of ALL PS4's sold worldwide to date and are removing them from sale. The recall is because Sony have admitted to 'rush releasing' the console and are not happy with its performance. This is why games like 'Watchdogs' and 'Drive Club' were delayed and why the graphical performance has been downgraded.

In an unprecedented move Sony have reached out to rivals Nintendo to compensate customers, something unheard of in console history.

Sony spokesman Olaf Pirlo said:

"After much consideration it has been decided to remove the PS4 from sale in its current form. We admit we released the console too soon to compete with our rivals. This was a mistake for which we are sorry.

The PS4 will now be relaunched on 29th November 2014. It will be released to reflect the intended vision of the PS4 and allow gamers to experience games to a level that was originally intended.

Games such as 'Watchdogs' have had to be delayed and ultimately compromised and this is something we at Sony are uncomfortable with.

We will be issuing details soon of where to return your console.

In an unprecedented move, our associates at Nintendo have agreed to replace every PS4 returned with a WiiU Basic console. Once your PS4 is received at the return address, a WiiU Basic console will be shipped to you immediately.

Please be aware that any PS4 games you currently own will not work on the WiiU or the new PS4 once released. You should return your games to point of purchase, along with your receipt, for a full refund. Every current PS4 game will now be ported over to the WiiU and all games will go on sale on 1st May 2014.

Once more, we at Sony apologise for the inconvenience to all our customers and hope you will remain loyal to us once we re-release later this year. "

I've already got a WiiU premium... so a WiiU Basic as replacement isn't good enough :mad:


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Oh dear lol


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Seems legit.

sammy the squid

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If rumours are to be believed, the game will go on sale at mid day today :eek:

Not mid day, it was released at midnight last night and is exclusively available through all Poundstretcher stores :thumbsup:


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I don't always make april fools jokes but when I do they are fudgeing awful :D


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Well I've sent mine back to Sony, don't want to get caught in stock issues with the new version.

But they haven't given the return address yet... surely your post must be an April Fools gag? :p

What are you talking about? Isn't the address just "Sony"? That's where I posted mine. I didn't put a return address on the outside, just have my PS4skin with pubes for DNA testing to send it back to me.
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