PS4 Pro - White Light of Death - questions - Fixed


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Hi everyone,

I went to play my PS4 Pro this afternoon, turned it on but got no picture on the TV. It switches on with the blue light then turns white and I get no signal. I've tried switching the HDMI ports around and tried to turn it on in Safe Mode but i still don't get a picture. It initially says shows a black screen with 576p, then that switches to the full 4k resolution, but then screen remains black and console light stays white and then nothing.

The console is only 2 years old and bought as an upgrade to a standard PS4.

Is there any way of me fixing this myself? Will giving it a bit of time help? Or is it definitely broken? Sony want £175 to either fix it or replace it. Would the replacement be an old refurbished unit does anyone know? They then only guarantee that for 3 months, which doesn't get me to PS5 if anything goes wrong.

If I buy a new one (which I am very reluctant to do) can I still transfer my game save data to the new console from this broken one or are my game saves automatically saved in the cloud? If I can't, I think I'll give up on the PS4 Pro until the PS5 comes out and just use my Xbox One X.

On a related point, I had one mission left to complete GTA V. If I buy that game on the Xbox One X, are there any cheats I can use to get me to the last mission? I would like to complete the game but there is zero chance I'm starting again.

Any advice would be much appreciated.


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Please ignore the questions above. The console is working again. I will add some info below in case somebody else has the same problem. First of all, I spent a while going through the Sony troubleshooting stuff and none of that worked. I gave up and wrote the post above.

I then went to play on my Xbox One X....and I got a tiny fuzzy picture load up in the middle of my screen instead of the usual full size, 4k image. Then I started to get worried that was broken too, which would be highly unlikely.

I remembered my tv recently had a software update (though i thought i had played on my ps4 since then, but perhaps not). I went to the settings section of my tv, and both my consoles are connected to HDMIs 2 & 3 (and set to enhanced). I put them back onto normal and then back on to enhanced. My xbox one x screen immediately went back to full size and clear. I turned the PS4 Pro back on and it actually produced a screen that said it was loading back up and that it hadn't been shut down properly.

Now everything is working fine. Very very strange.

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