Question PS4 Pro on mid range 4k TV - worth upgrading from original PS4?


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Hi guys. I am interested in getting the PS4 pro but would like to know whether it's worth the upgrade. I have a Samsung KU6400, mid range 4k tv, and would like to know how much of a difference it is from the original PS4 and whether there would be much noticeable difference on a midrange 4k tv like mine.

I'm really on the fence about buying it so any advice would be really appreciated


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Yes you will see a benefit simply from the fact that PS4 Pro games run at a higher resolution.

The benefit of HDR is debatable, how well that works depends on the TV and for some that feature is better left disabled but the raw resolution increase is the primary benefit.


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I upgraded from a PS4 Slim to a PS4 Pro when I bought my Sony KD75XE8596 last month and I have really noticed a difference - after I sold the Slim it only cost me roughly £100 to do so - money well spent, especially as I can now listen to Atmos Blu Rays!


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I suspect its more about the quality of the TV rather than the console
I bought the Pro about 18 months ago and only just started using it
The hdr does make a difference on games like uncharted 4 and fifa 18.
God of war looks truly incredible on my Sony 65xf9005. Its really important to calibrate your TV properly for 4k gaming and hdr..tje settings are entirely different to low res 1080p minus hdr
I would say that the pro is better and they only way to get 4k(upscaled) on the ps4. Just turn off hdr when gaming and see the difference.


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Late reply, but I wanted to add a few things in case others comes to this thread for the same reason.

1) Playstation 4 supports HDR, you don't need the PRO for this. This is also true for ATMOS when you're watching movies.

2) While the 4K Checkerboarding that the PS4PRO uses is good, it certainly isn't great. However, this is subjective to my taste. And my oppinion is formed from games in which you can switch between 4k mode and 1080p. In those games I havent noticed a difference worth the price. Sure, things are sharper and so forth, but I wouldn't recommend buying the console just for that.


3) The best thing about the PS4 PRO is enhanced FPS-modes which makes games run with increased frame rate, as well as the Boost Mode in settings that makes older (non pro-patched) games run better. You can except less stutter, smoother movements and so forth. This is especially true for gems like Bloodborne.

4) Games runs, and loads faster with the PRO in general. It also enhances PSVR games, which might make the PRO worth it if you're interested in virtual reality.

For reference I'm using my PRO with a LG Oled B6V television. While my best friend has an original PS4 and the same TV, I've never had a situation where he has noticed a big enough difference to make him want to buy one - despite playing almost all the time.

You can check a couple of Youtube-videos in 2160P to see if you notice a difference in resolution, while not the best in bitrate, they should still give you a better look at what the PRO can deliever.

4K UHD | Horizon Zero Dawn – PS4 vs. PS4 Pro 4K Mode Graphics Comparison -

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