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I’m trying to get the best possible image quality on my PS4 Pro games but the different options are baffling. I’m buying a new TV within the next few months but for now I’m stuck with an LG 49UB850V which was one of their earliest 4K TV’s. It is 4K and it has the UHD Deep colour mode but I don’t think it has HDR as the PS4 won’t allow me to turn on the HDR option.
Firstly, should I use the HDCP 2.2 HDMI port or the 10bit HDCP 1.4 port? The TV manual says that UHD Deep Colour will only work with the 10bit port. I won’t be using any streaming services as I already have 4K streaming apps on the TV so gaming is my only concern.
Secondly should I use 2160 YUV420 or 2160 RGB? Iv read that YUV420 is primarily for HDR TV’s which I don’t think my current TV is but since RGB is only 8bit what benefit is there other than UHD to use the 10bit port?
If anyone can help with the best setting for my crappy TV I’d be really appreciative as I’m a noob to all this 4K business!

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