PS4 Pro 2160p (RGB) issues with Yamaha A-3060


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Hi everyone, I currently have a ps4 pro connected to a Yamaha a-3060 a/v receiver which feeds into a OLED65B6T. I cannot get 2160p (RGB) to become supported. I have tried the following:
  • 4k mode on tv is on
  • turned off HDCP completely and scaled back to HDCP 1.4
  • 4k mode 1 on a/v receiver. When turned on all I receive is audio.
  • monitor check set to off on the a/v receiver
  • tested both HDMI cables from the PS4 and A/V receiver directly between the TV and PS4. Both work successfully at 2160p RGB.
Im hoping someone might have another option.
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i have the same on my AVR RX A660, i cant get 2160p RGB, i dont know why and dont know where to look to find an answer. I am like you; all my cable, when used between TV and PS4 pro let me choose RGB or YUV.

I have another problem, maybe you did not notice, so please check and tell me.

When my avr is plugged between my TV (Philips 55pos901f oled 4k, brand new) and my ps4 pro, my ps4 pro tell me hdr is 2k (but tells me my tv should get 4k), if my ps4 pro is directly plugged to the TV, i have 2k/4k HDR enabled. I would tell the AVR is not capable of 4k HDR. I looked everywhere, the only information i get is my AVR is "HDR compatible".
More weird is on the way, when i put back the PS4 PRO to 1080p, it show HDR not supported.
But 1080p is "2K" so, when i want 4k, if its hdr it will downgrade to 2k (1080p), but when i want 1080p, it will not work... I am totally LOST.

I hope you will check and answer. I can add photos to show, because my english may not be as good as it need !
I also hope someone will eventually read and answer with real knowledge and good answers !!

About the 4h HDR, i read in many places that i should switch to mode 1. An option only higher Yamaha AVR have.


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The 4K mode applies to all Yamaha models that are UHD compliant. The receivers come with it set to MODE 2 by default, but this needs to be set to MODE 1 in order to makes the receiver HDR compliant.


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Ok so tell me how to switch that option on my RX-A660 please. I dont find the advanced settings, in my settings. Also on my model there is no "fancy" GUI, only the poor one.

1) Turn receiver off.
2) Hold down Straight button on the front of the receiver, while doing so press power button, then release Straight button.
3) Press the Program left arrow button until the receiver bring up "4k Mode", then press the Straight button to toggle it to 1. Reboot everything and it should work!

Where the F#$^*ù could i find this info ???? It worked perfectly !

Indeed, i want to kill my self i did not found it all the times i looked at it... So dumb.

At the end, the 2160 RGB issue is still here. (greyed)
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I know this is an old post, but I really wanted to say thank you!!! I hooked up a new PS4 pro today and ran into this issue and after much research just couldn't find anything on it until I came across this! I really appreciate it! I had seen this in the manual and could have sworn I had changed it to mode 1 ages ago, but if I did it hadn't saved it or maybe it changed it back after the last firmware update? Anyway, this solved ALL kinds of issues that I was having with full 4k and UHDR RGB @ 60hz. Thank you all again!

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