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Hello all!

Looking for some advice, recently (just this last week) I have had this issue where when playing online I am constantly disconnecting from online servers about 4 or 5 minutes into a game.

It has been happening mostly on Call of Duty Warzone but I also tested Star Wars Battlefront as it is a different companies server but it also happened on this.

My connection to the PS4 is wireless however I am getting on average 30-40 mbps download speed, 100% signal strength, zero packet loss and only 5/6ms of ping, so the quality of the connection from my router to the PS4 is not the issue.

I do notice when i disconnect from the server the ps4 itself shows me as being offline and will reconnect itself after a few minutes.

The obvious solution is to run an ethernet cable between the router and ps4 but i would like to avoid this if at all possible as I would need to buy a 20m cable and run it through the middle of my living room everytime i want to play online.

Does anyone have advice on what the issue I'm having may be or possibly how to resolve it? I have done all obvious steps so far i.e. factory resetting the router, setting up the wifi connection to the ps4 again but all to no avail.

Thanks in advance for any advice or help provided.


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is you date and time correct on your ps4?
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