PS4 not displaying on Optomo HD20

David Szypulski

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Ok, I'm new here and hoping someone might be able to help me.

I have an Optomo HD20 that has an XBOX 360 and a Blu-Ray hooked up, the blu ray is full 1080P.

I try to hook up the PS4 and just a black screen, signal is getting to the projector though, i reset the PS4 to lowest video setting and still nothing. I hook the PS4 up to my 720p older TV and it works fine. I'm out of ideas, I have tried numerous HDMI cables and everything I do just has a blank black screen, if the projector was not getting the signal it would say no signal, so i know it is. I don't understand why the PS4 won't work even at the lowest video setting but my 1080p blu ray player, also by Sony, works perfectly fine. Is it the projector itself maybe?

Thank you.


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Has the PS4 just updated to v1.70 firmware? If so, set Deep Color to off in the display options and try again. It stops my Onkyo getting a signal, so worth a try.

David Szypulski

Novice Member
thanks, I did try that and I ended up getting it working at around 12:15am. I don't have any clue what I did. It just didn't make sense it didn't work. I took my PS3 and hooked it up and IT didn't work either and i'm at this point like wtf is going on, so I plug in the blu ray and it pops right up 1080p 60hz or whatever. I then plug the PS3 back in and it works. I then plug in the PS4 and now it works.

So all is well, just my projector being a pain in the balls i guess.

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