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I have a ps4 that won't work when I have the enhanced hdmi on my tv turned on. I get sound but no picture.
The problem goes away when I time off the enhanced hdmi.

The hdmi port is still the same.

The cable is fine, I have tried it on my Xbox one X and it works. Both are high speed cables (the cables that come with the Xbox one X)

I have also used the cable I usually use on the X on the ps4 and the problem persists.

Is this a symptom of a looming problem or is it something else?
Is there a fix or should I just stick with having the enhanced hdmi off? A bit of a pain but workable.

My setup: ps4 goes into my Denon AVRW3300X which goes to my Hisense tv.

I can't use HDR, this is because the enhanced hdmi is off. If I try to use it (with enhanced hdmi on) I just get a black screen but with sound again.

I have noticed that when I have enhanced hdmi on the tv is trying to output 2880*1080p@60Hz while when enhanced is off I get 1920*1080p@60Hz
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