PS4 no longer working with Neet HDMI splitter


I used to have several inputs hooked up to my TV via a Neet 5-way HDMI splitter: an old Xbox 360, a Nintendo Switch, a Freesat receiver, a spare cable for a laptop and a PS4. It all worked fine until, a couple of months ago, we moved house.

Since moving, everything works except the PS4. Worse, with the PS4 connected to the box, nothing else works - it breaks the entire setup. As soon as the PS4 is removed, it's happy.

When the PS4 is plugged into the splitter, regardless of whether it's on or not, the splitter seems to think that's the input that's active and won't allow anything else through unless you manually selected. If you power up the PS4, all the input lights flash on and off, then alternate between all the lights flashing and the PS4 input port light flashing.

I've tried swapping every HDMI cable I own into the PS4 and all of them behave the same way. I've tried using different combos of cable between the PS4, the splitter and the TV, but nothing I've tried works. I also can't find any contact details for Neet to try and diagnose what error that particular pattern of flashing lights indicates.

Has anyone else seen anything like this? Seeing as it worked prior to the house move, it's driving me to my wits' end!


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I assume you are putting each device into the exact same input as before the move?
If not certain about that, the switcher may have a default input causing this behaviour with the PS4?

I would try the PS4 in each different input and a second device in a different input to test with the PS4 off.

It could also be a setting on the PS4 or the TV remote?

I’ve had issues with HDMI-CEC before so avoid it like the plague now. Maybe that got turned on (or off) somehow - on the PS4 for example - due to a forced total power down when you moved.

With my PS3 I remember having a power cut that caused the setup wizard to launch when it restarted - it had forgotten it’s settings. Weird things happen.

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