PS4 is crashing


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I was installing Modern warfare on PS4 (using a disc) and while it was doing that my PS4 suddenly crashed. So I boot it up start the install again then it crashes again. I thought the disc is corrupted so I deleted the game, saved data, rebuild the database and went as far as initialisation but still it won’t stop crashing, it boots up fine though. So in the night I kept the PS4 in rest mode all night to see if it crashes by the time I wake up and it didn’t. Then I used it in normal mode, replied to some texts on it and it crashed again. Things you should know :
1. The night before the crash happened, I was playing and suddenly lights went out and I didn’t boot it up for that night.
2. My PS4 is 6 years old. Never had any problems whatsoever.
Addition : I plugged my PS4 into 4 different sockets to make sure it wasn’t the power supply that was creating problems.

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