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Hisense model: 43A7300FTUK 43"

Good afternoon all,

I am using a PS4 Pro console with my Hisense TV and I have recently set my HDMI format to "Enhanced" in order to use 4K and HDR at the same time and enable the higher bandwidth for HDMI 2.0

Since then, I have encountered brightness/colour issues with HDR in certain games.

The issue is my brightness/colours will either suddenly turn too dark or too bright when transitioning between light and dark areas.

In order to fix this, I have cycle my adaptive contrast settings from "High" to "Off" to "High" again to restore the image back to how it should look.

I prefer to play Adaptive Contrast on "High" because I prefer the picture that way.

For example, on Call of Duty: Warzone when moving into a dark room/bunker or re-entering the game from the gulag, the picture will appear very dark.

I also experience the opposite issue when transitioning from a dark area to a light area. The picture will appear too bright.

Again, cycling Adaptive Contrast on and off restores the picture but this a recurring problem which happens multiple times a day.

My preferred HDMI Black Level is "Normal (Low)"

When I first experienced this issue, HDMI Black Level was set to "Normal (Low)".
It's on "Auto (High / Boost)" by default.

I had changed it to "Normal" when still using the non-enhanced HDMI format and I was happy with the picture in 1080p HDR.

My PS4 screen settings were all set to "Automatic" at the time of first encountering the issue.

It seems I can fix the issue completely by setting HDMI Black Level to "Boost" and setting my RGB Range to "Full" on my PS4 however I do not prefer the picture this way as it is slightly bright for my liking.

I have tested with HDMI Black Level set to "Normal (Low) and RGB Range set to "Limited" on my PS4.
With this setting, I still encounter the sudden darking/whiting issue but not as often as before.
I thought I'd fixed it for the first 2 hours until it reared its ugly head again.

My current resolution when using HDR on my PS4 is 4K HDR 60hz YUV422 12-bit.

Should I use the 2160p-YUV420 resolution in PS4 settings instead of leaving it on "Automatic"?

My HDMI cable is a 2.0 capable of up to 18gb/ps but I'm just wondering if YUV420 would be better than YUV422 as it's slightly less bandwidth.
Plus I'm wondering if leaving it set to "Automatic" is still causing some issues instead of forcing it on one setting or another like with the RGB Range and HDMI Black Level.

My only other option is to switch HDMI format back to Standard and play in 1080p HDR as I had no issues with that.

I've researched this issue to death and have learnt that PS4 and TV HDMI settings have to match etc and the issues that can arise via mis-matching settings sounds a lot like the issues I'm experiencing.

My HDMI cable is new so I know it can't be that as I had the issue on an older cable.

And I know it's only HDR on HDMI that I get this issue with because all other HDR sources work great with no sudden nasty colour shifts.

Does anyone recognise this issue and can offer some solutions or advice?

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