PS4 firware upate problem


Hi And thanks for reading this thread.

I just purchased a wolfenstein game for the ps4. I am on firmware version 5.05 but whenever i try to play the game it keeps saying to upgrade to firmware version 6,
and i cannot get any further than that.

Is there anyway around this. Can i copy the game to hard drive and play it from there.

Also, Is there anyway to find out which games are compatible with 5.05, and which will not work.



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5.05 was released in Jan 2018 the next firmware update was March 2018 your going to find any game released or Patched after March 2018 isn't going to work on your Firmware version.

So the choice is yours either update the firmware or stick with games released before March 2018.


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Yes 5.05 and below is required for Jailbreaking.

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