PS4 Fallout 4 How will you be S.P.E.C.I.A.L ?


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Well then the time is near so how SPECIAL will your play through be this time around ? Ive always been about brute force in the past , shoot first and carry a lot of gear to get the job done . Might change it around this time and talk , do like my weapons though. However I play it this time around I will have fun though.

How SPECIAL will you be ?


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I'm not 100% sure yet, but one thing I am sure of is I WILL be a lady in this :cool:


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If it works the same as 3 then maximise intelligence to get good skill points per level and agility for action points in VATS. Prioritise Luck and Perception over Strength and Endurance. Minimise Charisma.

You need enough S to get strong back perk (was 5 I think), E can be brought up with Intensive Training.


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But charisma opens up all those other options to negotiate, although saying that, I realised it isn't as much fun as shooting everyone/thing.


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Any need for this to be in a separate thread? There won't be a FO4 subforum, so just thinking about keeping it all together...


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Any need for this to be in a separate thread? There won't be a FO4 subforim, so just thinking about keeping it all together...

Whatever you want mate :), thought it might be better seperate for new players of Fallout as it kinda dictates your play through of the game.

Thought It might get lost in the main thread.


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SPECIAL will be very different in 4 because in previous games all of them started at 5 - in 4 they all start at 1 and you have 21 points to assign at the outset. There are some good vids on Youtube like this one:



I haven't really been paying attention to how I was going to have special setup in FO4, as raduv1 said I'm just usually about smashing and shooting everything.
But I read a reddit post by daymeeuhn which made me have a rethink and I'm going to go with higher charisma and intelligence more than anything.
There's a few special calculators floating about like this one SPECIAL & Perk Build Calculator - Fallout 4


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Sooo much choice and the perks are ace, can't wait to get into it.

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