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Discussion in 'PS4 Hardware' started by Niso, Feb 9, 2014.

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    Hi everyone,

    Currently I own and run two Acer S231HL monitors connected to my desktop computer. My plan is to purchase 2 more Acer S231HL Bbid monitors ($129.99 on sale), a third connected to my desktop and the fourth to a PS4 and later a satellite tv subscription.

    Put them on Dual stands (Planar Dual Monitor Stand 997-5253-00 $69.99 on sale) so they look as if they are one plane. The reason for this is I sit in one of the corners of a U-shaped desk, in which I want my main center computer monitor directly in front of me, one off the right at an angle and the the other two to the left at an angle (both in a straight line). Quad stands are a lot more expensive than duals and I need them to go into different directions as if to wrap around where I sit.

    Anyway, the reason for this post the fourth, farthest left monitor I plan to hook up to a PS4. The monitors themselves come with only 1 HDMI, VGA, and DVI port and have no speakers. So currently with the setup I would have no sound with the PS4 setup. My thought process is perhaps a sound bar as to not clutter my desk that can accept an optical sound input (only other option for sound on PS4?). I already have two computer speakers that would be on the desk and I think a sound bar underneath the monitor that is raised by the stand will keep it streamlined.

    So I'm looking for some opinions on sound options, specific models to look at. And perhaps I can take these cheap speakers off my desktop setup and use two sound bars? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Even if it's to scrap using the same monitor model which makes the setup look good together.

    Also keeping in mind connecting later a satellite tv box to the same monitor as the PS4, and what kind of adapters and issues I may run into connecting that to the same system. HD compatibility, etc? Remotes?


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