Question PS4 Audio Connection Advice - HDMI to Optical/TOSLINK


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PS4 Audio Connection Advice - HDMI to Optical/TOSLINK

Hi all,

I've been reading these forums for years & have always found solid advice for many of my tech issues, but today I ask for assistance directly.

I'm a bit of an amateur tech-head, having fixed most of my appliances (TV, PS3 & PS4, PC etc) without issue, in the past. I'm also somewhat of an audiophile & have recently been dissatisfied with the audio output from my home theatre setup; here is where I need help.

My setup is as follows:

PS4 (Original Std. Model) <via HDMI> Samsung TV (LE40M87BDX/XEU)

Samsung TV <via Optical/TOSLINK> Samsung Home Cinema System (HT-C450N)

I have been advised that this is the best physical setup for my system, as the Samsung receiver lacks any HDMI input options.

Where I have struggled to find correct & satisfying results is in the various audio options, across the systems, to provide optimal sound for gaming & watching Netflix/Blu-rays. Currently, my settings are as follows:

PS4 Output

Primary Output Port: HDMI Out
Audio Format (Priority): Linear PCM

PS4 Disc Audio Settings

Noise Reduction: Off
DRC: Off
Audio Format: Linear PCM

Samsung TV

Set to internal mute, as speakers are defective.

Samsung Receiver

Speaker Setup: Centre +3Db, Rear +2Db, Sub -5Db (to reflect my environment)
DRC: Off
AV-Sync: 0 msec
HDMI Audio: Off
EQ Optimizer: Off

Again, I have selected the above options, from what I've found online, but I still do not feel it sounds correct. Issues I experience include:

  • Occasional poor audio quality from centre speaker, making dialogue & subtle sounds to quiet to hear adequately.
  • Certain sounds can sound bassy or muffled.
  • Wildly varying volume levels for different sources & titles, which can cause problems for neighbours, especially at night.
  • Sound dropouts of a second or so, when receiver is set to any Pro Logic II setting, other than Cinematic.

I have systematically cycled through most, if not all of the above settings, one by one & cannot find any combination that gives satisfactory sound output across games, streaming & disc. A couple of things I've noticed, which may or may not apply:

  • Sound setup options, on receiver, for speaker distance calibration are always greyed out, but sometimes appear to amend themselves. (I'm pretty confident that my aged system doesn't have an auto-calibrate feature, but correct me if I'm wrong).
  • When cycling through the Pro-Logic II options on my receiver, all the following cause the 1 second dropout issue I mentioned; Stereo, Music, Prolog, Matrix. Cinematic is the only option that doesn't do this, but doesn't provide the best output overall. I noticed this when using an AV-Sync video on YouTube to fix delay:

on any setting other than Cinematic, random "pips" would sometimes output as very quiet thuds (similar to the difference between a wood-block & bass drum) & didn't occur with the same video on laptop or Android device.​

I have also replaced both HDMI & Optical cables with reasonably high quality ones, just in case the issue lay there, & have consistently checked the connections of my surround speakers to ensure they are outputting sound.

I know that both my TV & receiver are getting on for 10 years old & it may just be the case that I need to replace outdated equipment, but I'd rather not fork out unnecessarily. If anyone can offer any advice on how to get the best out of my current setup, I'd be very grateful.

If advice has been given for this issue previously, or if this isn't the correct forum for my issue, please accept my apologies & kindly direct me to the relevant post/forum.

TDLR: Please advise on the best setup options for 5.1 surround from PS4 to TV (over HDMI), then TV to AVR (over optical).

Happy to provide further details, if needed. Many thanks in advance,



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Any reason you aren't directly connecting the audio from the PS4 to the surround sound over optical?
It's been a long time since I set mine up but my non HDMI receiver is connected over OPTICAL [Edited bloomin' autocorrect!] direct.
IIRC I'm using a Dolby bitstream setting not PCM.
Again IIRC when I tried setting up via my Samsung TV over optical it limited the output to stereo PCM.
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Any reason you aren't directly connecting the audio from the PS4 to the surround sound over optical?

Hi AMc,

Thanks for your post. In answer to your question, because I believe I read somewhere that this provided the best AV cabling setup for my setup, though this could be incorrect. I also read that going direct from PS4 to AVR via optical can reduce surround sound output to stereo, due to the lower bandwidth, compared to HDMI. Might be a case of "don't believe everything you read on the internet", though I read through pages of guides.

Previously, I had both my PS4 & PS3 connected directly to the AVR, with an optical switch to change sources. I wasn't always happy with sound quality, but I might revisit & test again, if you say that would be the best option.

Thanks again for replying & sorry if I have an idiot's grasp of AV setup :rolleyes:



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optical can only do stereo 2.1 over optical on LPCM. me personally i would connect the ps4 optical connection straight into the amp and select bitstream on the ps4. that should give you dolby digital and dts 5.1 surround sound.


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Hello again,

Popped back on to update you both & thank you for your advice. I did as you suggested &, last night, enjoyed Aliens Special Edition on Blu-ray with fantastic sound, finally! 5.1 in full effect, levels balanced & clear dialogue, without every gunshot, explosion or vehicle rattling the room!

Also, have managed to get the best picture I've ever managed, thanks to an amazing setup guide I found on AVForums; Picture Perfect. I was worried that I was going to have to upgrade both AVR & screen, but AVForums has allowed me to get more out of my old kit than I think I ever have!

I only have one more question; how do I give you guys a "thumbs up" or rating? Thanks again, I really appreciate the assistance. :)


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