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Hi all,

Simple one this, but seemingly a minefield. I've read articles and threads on the topic but just want to verify one thing that isn't clear.

I have just bought and connected up a PS4 to my HDTV and Yamaha RX-V677 receiver. I run a 5.1 setup.

I've connected the HDMI straight to my TV to minimise any potential latency and then audio by optical to the receiver. My options are therefore 2 channel LPCM, DTS or Dolby Digital.

I will NEVER be using the PS4 for anything other than gaming - no film, TV or Blu Ray (I have a dedicated machine for that). I also won't be upgrading to 7.1.

Am I therefore missing anything in my gaming sound by running it optical and with a lossy DD / DTS encoder? DO PS4 games support either a lossless PCM or DTS HD Master / True HD track, or is it just films that people are referring to when they say HDMI is the best audio connection?

If not I'll leave it as it is, but otherwise is it worth risking HDMI video lag (however tiny) just to get lossless audio from gaming?



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I see what you're saying by connecting the HDMI to TV to reduce input lag, but I don't think you'll see any that the AVR will be responsible for. If you were to see it, it will be the TV's fault for lagging, which your method doesn't get around (you can't get around it).

At the very least I'd try PS4->AVR->TV first before settling with your chosen option. This will eliminate the need for optical, leaving you with HDMI which is the better option overall.

I think the lossless format's only work with Blu Ray's, I've never got lossless from gaming, it's always DD or DTS depending on what you set your PS4 to output.

However to answer your question, purely based on sound, I don't think you are missing anything running optical instead of HDMI as long as you stick to normal DD or DTS.


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For the response. It's really funny this should come up after all this time now, as over the weekend I actually did reconfigure it to go HDMI straight into the amp. As you said, for gaming, optical was doing me just fine but what actually made me do it in the end was the problem with HDMI-CEC causing the amp input to constantly change to TV (AV1 in my case, although this is actually my Mac Mini) EVERY time I pressed the PS button and quit to the menu. Who knows why, but it is incredibly irritating! Even more irritating that it can't be stopped unless you disable CEC completely.

I have all video modes on the receiver set to 'Direct' (although as it has an on-screen menu & messages I can't see that there's zero processing being done). So we'll see, but I'm sure it'll be okay. I'm hardly a hardcore gamer sitting trying to spot lag or anything. I just want to get the best out of equipment I have, and of course if there is an improvement in audio to be had as well - however slight / imperceptible- without any noticeable lag, then all the better.


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