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Hi all, does anyone know which models the ps4 pro are 4k? I understand the earlier models are capable of 4k upscaling, while the newer ones have 4k capabilities built in.. I may be wrong/worded it wrong.. Thanks for any info! 👍


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Hi, there have been no harware updates on the Pro to enable "proper"4k.

Rendering games at 4K resolution is achieved through various rendering techniques and hardware features; PlayStation technical chief Mark Cerny explained that Sony could not "brute force" 4K without compromising form factor and cost, so the console was designed to support "streamlined rendering techniques" using custom hardware, "best-in-breed temporal and spatial anti-aliasing algorithms", and "many new features from the AMD Polaris architecture as well as several even beyond it". The most prominent technique used is checkerboard rendering, wherein the console only renders portions of a scene using a checkerboard pattern, and then uses algorithms to fill in the non-rendered segments. The checkerboarded screen can then be smoothed using an anti-aliasing filter. Hermen Hulst of Guerrilla Games explained that PS4 Pro could render something "perceptively so close [to 4K] that you wouldn't be able to see the difference"
The only update that seems to have been put in place was when Red Dead 2 came out, the newer PS4 Pros were quieter.


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No problem, my bad.. Must have mis-heard/mis-read somewhere then.. Looking round I have seen some ps4 boxes with a 4k label in the top right corner and some without.. Thought these were the newer models..? (Do know about the newer models being quieter (7216 if I'm right?)

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