PS3000 Plasma V Samsung series 6 Lcd


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My friend has a series 6 Lcd and I saw a few blu rays on and I cant get over how good his picture was. It was almost 3D with out being 3D. very defined edges and a completly diffrent picture compared to mine. It looks completley different to mine. Is this because its Lcd ? Does anyone know of the best settings for viewing blu rays on a PS3000 ?


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LCDs do generally have a sharper picture, but the only extra detail there is (which there still shouldn't be to be honest) is fake and therefore is generally considered a bad thing amongst the AV enthusiasts.

It could also be that LCDs are generally brighter, again, not necessarily a good thing (although I wouldn't say a bad thing), this can give you that 'pop' under certain circumstances, generally under good lighting, which is the other thing, the lighting. If the room his TV is in is brighter lit then the LCD will look good, whereas your plasma will look worse in brighter lighting, yours should look much better in dimmer lighting (not dark), whereas his LCD should start to fall short.

When watching blu-rays make sure the aspect ratio is set to 'Just Scan' then you get 1:1 pixel mapping to ensure there's no scaling (something which can make the picture look worse and less defined), I can't really recommend any other settings though, they're pretty dependent on your viewing environment anyway, lighting etc...has a big impact on the main controls like contrast, I usually recommend using the picture wizard but I don't think the PS3000 has it.

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