PS3 won't register any games when inserted


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I was playing Force Unleashed when I went through a door and the game went all glitchy. Background had gone but you coud see characters.

Once I died, the screen went black like it was going back to the start but didn't do anything after that.

I couldn't turn the PS3 off from the controller or the button at the front so had to switch it off at the back.

Now it won't register games.

Is there a way to solve this here or is it a case of sending it away?


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Is there a spinning icon in the top right corner?

I had that, blu ray drive had gone so no games where being recognised. My 360 lasted longer than my ps3 :eek: but Sonys service is amazing compared to M$. I got an exchange 60 gb replacement within 2 days top stuff :thumbsup:


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Is there a number I can ring and also do I lose everything on the HD or do they port it over?

No spinning icon.

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Call 08705 99 88 77 Sony Customer Support.

If it's not registering any disks then it's the blu ray drive thats probably died. Happened to mine on Thursday while playing Fifa 09, rang the number above and Sony are sending me a replacement one tomorrow. Can't fault the service.

Hope you get your sorted.
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If it has died, you will need to back up your HDD with a memory stick or something. At least make sure your game saves are backed up, the rest you can re download if need be. Sony should deliver a replacement within a couple of days and collect your old one at the same time. Just restore you new PS3 with the data from your memory stick.

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