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PS3 wont read games but plays dvds


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this links with my other post; short version ive been given a fat PS3 no idea if it was working or not and only had just the barebones system.

still trying to figure out what to do with the controller but i picked up a cheapy game to test (haze 0.99p!) and it looks like the PS3 is having problems with the drive. luckily i didn't pick up my complied list of games i wanted :D

if anyone has any experience with ps3's id be grateful if you can give me a hand.

it seems fine with self burned dvds, and a ps2 demo disc is recognised (although obviously it it isnt playable), ive yet to try a bluray movie and a ps2 game. when i put in the ps3 game it takes ages to read it and show up on the dash as what it is also if i press triangle for more info about the game it takes a long time to eventually show the info such as age restriction type 9, the game name etc.

if i set it to auto load the game when put in it loads the Haze "logo" and then sits there. The first time i tried it got to the the installing game data screen (the one just after the haze logo but stuck at 0% - PS3 was vertical. i put the PS3 horizontal and now when i try it it seems to try read the disc, and produces an almost click sound every few seconds - this isnt random it is every 5 seconds. almost like the drive lifts the disc to read then tries to read it with the other lense (dvd / bluray) then realises it isnt able to read that one so tries to read it with the first one again - if that makes sense?

im thinking about ripping it apart and giving it a clean, isopropyl (isopropanol) 99.9% is the stuff i should be using on the lense right? and not rubbing alcohol. im assuming i cant use my articlean stuff i have for my CPU / heatsinks?

the funky thing is i got an error in one of my read attempts and when i googled it someone recommended i reinstall the BR software from the PS3 recovery console, but i need the official controller for that so atm i cant try that :(.

is there anything else i could try or any ideas anyone has?

vertical - finally haze showed on the back picture of the menu system (handnt ever done so before) so i tried loading, it then reached the press start to play screen.
i tried several times and it seemed to not realise i was pressing anything however the normal over menu sound was playing so i thought it cant be frozen eventually (while i was looking for a bluray to test) it loaded the game video intro it got a little into it and then stopped (paused) and i could hear the disc noises (like the ones i mentioned before every x seconds) i left it a little while to see if it would eventually resume, it didnt.

tried 3 BRs non would load even in the PS3 menu - Red, Mr & Mrs Smith and Contact.

PS2 game i tried - Simpsons hit and run - loaded and i played it for a few mins seemed to be ok.

Tried the burned disc i had before and that loads.
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