PS3 - with a Projector (Sanyo PLV-Z4) Best Settings HELP ?

MadDog Stu

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I recently got a PS3 and have Sanyo PLV-Z4 Projector. I have a darkened room and project onto a flat screen I have made myself - pure Matt White.

What are the best settings on the PLV-Z4 for running a PS3 via HDMI ?

Do I go with one of the defaults such as Living \ Pure Cinema etc ???

or do I go with user setting; and switch Black Stretch \ Transient All OFF in the advanced menu; and take overscan down to 0 (zero).

I am lost with all the settings the PLV-Z4 has, your expert advice is welcomed ??


MadDog Stu

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Can anyone help ?


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Hi Stu, you'd be better asking this question in the projector forum so I'll move the thread over for you.


MadDog Stu

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Can anyone please post there settings of Z4 when using a PS3 or any device through HDMI Please ?

mine is in a darkened room projected onto a homemade matt white panel on the wall



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And not aimed at anyone, or this thread as there are many like it...

Given that calibration is quite a personal thing, would it not be best to try different settings until you are happy with the image? There was a thread where some friends each calibrated a projector to their liking and the results were quite different.

If your looking for an image which is as close to "correct" as possible you would need to get a calibration disk as each room+PJ+Screen combo is slightly different.

Case in point, I tried several calibration settings for my HD70 which I found in various threads, none of which I liked compared to the factory defaults.

All this said it can be quite "fun" to try out other peoples settings to see what differences they make, so not trashing your thread.. but I think it is worth having a play to see what you come up with, maybe post your "best" calibration settings for others.


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Can anyone please post there settings of Z4 when using a PS3 or any device through HDMI Please ?

Hi Stu,
I have a z4 and 360, plus a media centre PC via dvi into the HDMI port of my z4.

For my PC, I had to check the contrast colour and other tedious setting in my Nvida control panel - I have no idea what options the PS3 may offer here.

On the Z4, well..where do you start??

I've used Lucas arts THX setups to get close, then turned up at gamma a bit. Trust me, it will take a good hour of fiddling at least to get a mix you're happy with. Be careful that you store the settings under one of the four USER settings. All too easy to NOT save them, in my experience. Practise a few times saving simple changes.

I can guarantee you will end up with an image way better than the standards "Cinema, creative cinema, living" (or Dull, Slightly less dull, Fluorescent and Dayglo)

PS - tweaking takes ages. Wine, pizza and someone patient to tell you if you favourite setting means everyone looks green.


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Maybe the wine factors into the image getting better as you tweak? :)

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