PS3 + Webcam + Windows Live messenger


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Is there anyway to get a webcam hooked up to the PS3 and run something like WLM for internet chat with people using a PC.

I can imagine the answer is no but I gotta ask.


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If you install linux, you can use a program like Pidgin, a Linux alternative to WLM :smashin:

Cheers for that - I take it there is no other way which does not involve messing with the software - its my lads PS3 and only 3 months old so I dont really want to mess it up


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Currently no. There are some 3rd party web based MSN/Live messenger clients that half work on the PS3 browser (the one at for example), but as far as I know none of them support webcams. The only way it would be possible without linux is if either sony or microsoft make a client (both very unlikely) or if people manage to hack the PS3 firmware to allow homebrew software and someone makes a homebrew client (although that would likelly be illigal)

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