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Well i have had a 360 for 8 months now, and am happy with it however im always drawn towards the ps3 i did have a ps1 and ps2 before so it might just be that, a lot of people have told me the 360 is better in more departments particuarly the controller and online. What do you guys think?:thumbsup:


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Xbox definately has the better controller in my opinion, although Sony won a lot of brownie points with me when they brought out the new Dualshock 2 controller which is MUCH better than the one supplied with my first generation PS3.
PS3 is quiter running, especially the newer ones.
360 generally has a better range of games, but even this is changing rapidly (Infamous is a fantastic game!!!!).
I prefer Sony's interface, it's much quicker to use than the new 360 one (in my opinion).
PS3 has Drakes Fortune :D.
That is all :thumbsup:


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Personal preference is the answer. If you like the look of PS3 exclusives and want to play them then buy one and you'll adapt to the controller.


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Well I own both and don't think I'm biased although everyone has some bias.

For me the xbox games look better generally with better frame rates overall. The hardware is generally unreliable though and a bit problematic.

The ps3 isn't as powerful as the 360 if you go by what games are achieving although alot of this is down to the ps3 being a pig to develop for. However a few games on the ps3 do look like they would be hard to achieve on the 360.

I think the market is moving towards the ps3.

Also the ps3 has bluray, free online gaming and is already fitted with wireless and its easy to upgrade the hard drive unlike 360.

Personally if your a hardcore gamer I think the 360 wins but if your a bit more of a casual gamer and into blurays then the ps3 wins. Personally I own both and use both regularly.


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Here's my personal preference:

360 Pro's

Live is superb
Better range of games that get updates first
Better controller
Installing games to HDD

360 Con's

Poor hardware
Bags of lag
Everything on XBLA is linked to everything!
Your stuck with MS hardware (eg HDD)

PS3 Pro's

Lag definitely less apparant
Runs quiter and smoother
Smoother interface
HDD upgrade possible without shelling out £

PS3 Con's

Worse controller
Long download times
Frickin long updates
PSN nowhere near the quality of live

That is all IMO only.

I wouldn't say one is better than the other.

If you like blu-ray, installing music and media and having an ok online experience, go PS3

If you want hardcore online gaming where playing against your mates quickly and easily is a preference, go 360.

Job done.


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It's a tough one really. Here are my views though...

360 - pros

- Fantastic online service
- Good controller
- VGA output - can be useful if you need to connect to a PC monitor or an older projector
- A good games catalogue and many of the cross platform games that came out in the first year or so of the PS3 are better on the 360
- updates are quick
- Larger games catalogue

360 - cons

- Poor build quality
- Noisy
- No blu ray
- Often forced to use MS peripherals (which are often lacking compared to others on the market) - MS HDD's and certified wheels etc.
- No built in wireless
- A fair bit of lag when using the NXE interface
- Expensive HDD upgrades and limited to just 120gb

PS3 - pros

- Good build quality
- A very open platform allowing many third party peripherals to connect
- Can swap the HDD with any compatible PC laptop HDD - currently upto 500GB!
- Built in wireless
- A good games catalogue with an impressive list of exclusives (Gran Turismo 5, Wipeout HD, MGS4, inFamous, Killzone 2, Resistance 2, Motorstorm PR, LBP, Uncharted etc.)
- Free online service
- Good controller
- Play TV
- Responsive and intuitive interface

- cons

- Still more expensive
- pay for things like Blu Ray & Wireless even if you don't need them
- games catalogue is still not as large as the 360's
- online service is not as good as Live if you are a big online gamer
- long update times

I guess they are fairly similar to those of others with a few differences.:)


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Bottom line? You won't regret buying a PS3!!

i did so i sold it, 360 has the edge for me, the ps3 has had over 2 years to show what it can do, and we still get the same old excuse "developers need more time to get to grips with the hardware" they said the same thing with the ps2, thats why i'm happy with my 360, at least that's getting pushed to the limit.:smashin:


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There both pretty good but if you already own one its harder to justify getting the other to be honest.

I have a 360 - games are good, media streaming etc nothing the PS3 cant do BUT it was only £129 + 2nd hand 120 HDD for £45 so its much cheaper than a PS3 - I have no interest in BluRay so thats not a factor for me.

Basically if you already own a xbox be very clear about what you hope to gain by spending £300+ quid on getting the PS3. There had better be some exclusive games and Bluray that your really want otherwise its a very exspensive 2nd xbox.


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the ps3 has had over 2 years to show what it can do, and we still get the same old excuse "developers need more time to get to grips with the hardware" they said the same thing with the ps2, thats why i'm happy with my 360, at least that's getting pushed to the limit.:smashin:

What are you expecting it to do? Developers already produce fantastic games on it, isn't that enough? All I can think is that you sold it a while ago and haven't really kept up with it since.

All I will say is check out the likes of Uncharted 2, Killzone 2, MGS4 etc. to see what the PS3 is capable of. Someone would have to be extremely biased to not admit that they look pretty damn amazing. Uncharted 2 has probably the best graphics in a console game that i've seen to date, it looks simply fantastic.


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I agree with the pros & cons highlighted apart from the controller being better on 360. I think controller preference is highly subjective as I prefer the DS3 over the 360 controller.


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Xbox is better online and with the controller. Ps3 is better for graphics and interface.

You say that but have you seen the graphical differences between the Ghostbusters game on the PS3 and the 360? The PS3 looks like half the resolution!!!!!!
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