Ps3 via hmdi to pioneer amp to pioneer plasma?


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I cant get my Ps3 to run via the above set up.
I have a Samsung 850 hd upscaler which works no problem but even when i swich from a working dvd player cable into the Ps3 it sort of lights up the blue dobly light then says pcm.
Having 2 hmdi inputs on my VSX- AX2AV amp im wanting to use both but im having to pull out the hmdi cable from my amp to my PDP-506PE tv and put the Ps3 in and it works great but i have only 1 hmdi input on tv so its a pain in the neck.
Any help would be most wellcome:lease:


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Why dont you plug your PS3 into one of the HDMI ports on the back of the amp and the Samsung into the other spare port. Both ports are assignable.

Connect the TV to the HDMI out port.

Go into the set up on the amp and assign the HDMI inputs to the PS3 & the Samsung. When the amp is on set it to either the dvd player or the PS3 and it will automatically switch to the HDMI port.

I have my DVD player and PS3 plugged into the back of my AMP which is the VSX-2016AV-s and it works a treat. I get PCM from the PS3 and DD 5.1 from the dvd player.

Let us know how you get on. :smashin:


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It a fault with the amp needs upgrade i have done what you posted and ive been told i need to send it away to get the firmware updated but stuff that 3 weeks no tv or dvds ive just went and got a logic3 hdmi changer just stick to that.
Unless i can get my amp updated same day.

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